Painted Wood Stumps

Painted Wood Stumps - How to Clean Oil Paintings – A Few Tips and Tricks The first step in cleaning an oil painting is to remove the painting from its frame. Make sure the frame is on a soft surface to avoid damage. When the frame is off, use a vacuum to clean the cracks where the painting meets the wooden stretcher. Be careful not to cut the color. The next step is to remove mold. Use a cotton ball and a Sodium Hydrochloride cleaner, gently soak the affected spot on the painting. Before continuing, check the cotton ball to ensure that the color does not come off. When the area is cleaned, immediately wipe the cleaned area with a wet sponge. Be sure to remove all detergent. ^^ CLIK PIN FOR MORE INFO ^^ Fun Boho Craft | Boho Crafts Videos | Boho Crafts | Boho Crafts For Kids | Boho Craft For Teens To Make | Boho Crafts For Adults | Boho Craft To Sell | Easy Boho Crafts | Boho Craft For Girls.

Painted Wood Stumps
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